Supplies for your journey

Below is a list of tools we use and believe in.


  • Mill Scale 94 Gallon Smoker
    • This smoker is a tank! It changed the game for me. I can't say enough good things. I'll buy my first kid one of these the day they're born. 
  • Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker
    • I'd recommend this in my sleep. This smoker is what I learned on, and the first smoker I ever owned. Reliable, easy set up, quick time to temp and consistent cooks. For the price and ease of use, this thing is unbeatable. 
  • Weber Smoker Mountain Door Modification
    • This modification was a big upgrade in my ability to control this the smoker. The door makes it easier to get coal and wood chunks on the fire as well as manage the airflow for a range of temps. 

Smoker Tools:

  • Leaf Blower
    • I live in a residential area, so this thing helps helps me get the fire started with less smoke. It's also straight up fun.
    • Long Handle Shovel
      • While not my exact long handle shovel, it's the exact same design. Mine just has a green handle. I use this for moving coals around.
    • Tongs
      • Pretty awesome grabby guy. Very cheap, and cheap version will do. If the shovel is power, this is finesse when it comes to fire management. 
      • Propane Torch
        • Lights my fire starts reaaaaal nice. And, bonus points for being able to melt cheese.

      Wood Cutting:

      • Chainsaw
        • I've used a miter saw and sawzall and counter intuitively, the chainsaw feels the safest to cut wood to size. This is quiet and weight/power is perfect for splits -- I find I feel most comfortable when coupled the holder and strap below. 
      • Wood Split Holder
        • Makes it much easier and safer to cut splits down to size
      • Strap
        • For holding splits down while sawing. Helps prevent the back end of the log from popping up from when I put downward pressure on the sawzall.
      • Wood Splitter
        • For splitting wood when it's too wide...
      • Wood Rack 
        • Pretty good. Standard wood rack to keep wood off the ground to keep it from collecting moisture and termites/bugs off


        • ThermoPro
          • This thing is money. Great temp reads, very quick on the draw. Also good for feeling the texture of meat.

        Food Prep:

        • Boos Block
          • This was a gift, and now I don't know how I lived without it. 
        • Knife Sharpener
          • "Am I do it right?" That's how knife sharpening went for me before I bought this sharpener. Now, I can confidently get a consistent angle and sharper knives to scalp some briskey
        • Boning Knife
          • Keeps an edge, nice profile for trimming brisket. Scalps brisket pretty well too.
        • Slicing Knife
          • Does the job nicely. Good length for briskey.

          Meat Processing:

          • Meat Grinder
            • The little engine that could. This thing consistently amazes me and I highly recommend.
          • Sausage Stuffer
            • Pretty good, no point of reference since it's the only one I've used. I'd like to try one where the crank moves a different directions because this one is a bit awkward for me.
          • Sausage Casings
            • Snap snap, good casings.



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